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to RAVAGED. We are a realistic, dystopian, horror/survival Pokemon roleplay. The characters used here are not animated. We use actual face-claims like celebrities. The minimum word count is 100 words and the maximum character allowance is 5. There is also violence, gore, alcohol and tobacco/drug use, sexual content, etc. Please be aware of this and join at your own risk. Otherwise, we hope you have a fun and wonderful time here at Ravaged! When registering, please be sure to register with your character's first and last name for character accounts.
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 dollhouse // dev. for jess
Jessica Claire Blyth
 Posted: May 22 2016, 07:28 PM
Jessica Claire Blyth
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twenty-four. female. pokesaver. emily rudd.

♥ father ♥ ⇢ Jessica never really cared for her father. After all, he was always working and died when she was young. There wasn't much time at all for them to bond, and she merely saw him as someone she was genetically related to. She never disliked him, but was rather indifferent towards him.

♥ mother ♥ ⇢ Jessica hated her mother, and still does to this day. She blames her for her bleak upbringing since she left Jessica to her father and aunt, and hated pokemon for a long time because of her mother's obsession with them.

♥ siblings ♥ ⇢ Jessica has no siblings that she is aware of, and if there were any, she believes she would hate them too.

♥ discipline ♥ ⇢ Jessica was given everything she wanted, but when her father died she was made to move to her grandfather's against her will. He was strict at first, but then grew a bit more lenient as they bonded over music.

♥ childhood ♥ ⇢ Jessica wasn't necessarily overprotected as a child, as she was let do whatever she wanted. She felt major rejection after her mother left and her father never came home, though she didn't acknowledge her loneliness too much and focused on trying to get what she wanted.

♥ status ♥ ⇢ Jessica's family was poor because her mother was disowned by her grandfather when she married her father (something I didn't state in her application because she doesn't know this), however her Grandfather was filthy rich.

♥ religion ♥ ⇢ Jessica wasn't taught about religion, and to this day still doesn't know much about it.

♥ politics ♥ ⇢ She's indifferent and doesn't really care about them unless it will directly affect her.

♥ intellect ♥ ⇢ Jessica is very book-smart, and is still learning with street-smarts, though her suspicion of others helps with the latter.

♥ self-image ♥ ⇢ She thinks she's very intelligent.

♥ speech ♥ ⇢ She's eloquent, and talks in a dignified, proper manner.

♥ schooling ♥ ⇢ She was home schooled by her aunt, which is why she doesn't have many social skills.

♥ pokesaving ♥ ⇢ She doesn't like having a job at all, but she thinks Pokesaving is better than DNA-collecting.

♥ manners ♥ ⇢ She's pretty rude.

♥ hatred ♥ ⇢ Her mother.

♥ relationships ♥ ⇢ She has no friends, and it's pretty hard for people to get close to her. She doesn't even really want friends and would prefer to be alone. She's not looking for a lover, and anyone that even looks at her that way with her finding out will probably get a fist to the face.

♥ lover ♥ ⇢ Though she doesn't consciously want one, her ideal guy would be able to put up with her bull crap.

♥ social ♥ ⇢ She doesn't go to parties, or really anything social and hates crowds.

♥ style ♥ ⇢ Jessica usually wears either sleek, simple clothing, or rugged, adventurer's garb.

♥ the past ♥ ⇢ She's pretty stuck in the past, and is kind of detached. She will probably never forgive her mother (she thinks).

♥ failure ♥ ⇢ She deals with failure pretty harshly, and tries to convince herself her errors are justified.

♥ imagination ♥ ⇢ Her imagination is bleak, and she is stuck suffering from reality.

♥ humor ♥ ⇢ She has a humor, but it's pretty hard to bring out. If you can make her laugh, you're truly amazing.


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