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to RAVAGED. We are a realistic, dystopian, horror/survival Pokemon roleplay. The characters used here are not animated. We use actual face-claims like celebrities. The minimum word count is 100 words and the maximum character allowance is 5. There is also violence, gore, alcohol and tobacco/drug use, sexual content, etc. Please be aware of this and join at your own risk. Otherwise, we hope you have a fun and wonderful time here at Ravaged! When registering, please be sure to register with your character's first and last name for character accounts.
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 F.A.Q., your frequently asked questions
 Posted: May 10 2016, 05:30 AM
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the f.a.q. your frequently asked questions
before you ask a moderator/admin a question, check to see if it's already here so you don't have to go through the trouble of asking and we don't have to explain it a thousand times.
  1. Q. How many characters can I have? A. There is currently a 5 character limit. We want everybody to have a chance at snagging up face-claims!
  2. Q. Is there a word count limit? A. Please try to have no less than 100 words!
  3. Q. What is an alias? A. An alias is the name that you yourself goes by around the site. It's how we will all know you by.
  4. Q. How many accounts are we supposed to have? A. You must make one account per character. Be sure that when you are posting, you use the correct account. Also, be sure to have your alias account set up before you make any characters! If you have any questions on linking your character accounts (sub-accounts) to your main, PM an admin!
  5. Q. How long ago did the Ravage happen? A. The Ravage is said to have happened about 9 years ago.
  6. Q. Are post templates mandatory? A. No, they are not mandatory, though they are highly recommended. There are loads of resource sites with templates out there! i.e. Shine, A Thousand Fireflies, Caution, Candyland Couture, etc.
  7. Q. Are there restrictions on evolution? A. You may evolve your pokemon at any time you see fit. There are no restrictions on when a pokemon can evolve or how often at the current time.
  8. Q. Are there any restrictions on starter Pokemon? A. No, there are no restrictions on starter/partner pokemon, other than you can only have one. You may start out with a pokemon of any type or level of evolution. However, legendary Pokemon are not permitted.
  9. Q. What are the size dimensions for the miniprofile avatars? A. 220x270px for the avatar image.

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