a realistic, horror/survival pokemon roleplay
to RAVAGED. We are a realistic, dystopian, horror/survival Pokemon roleplay. The characters used here are not animated. We use actual face-claims like celebrities. The minimum word count is 100 words and the maximum character allowance is 5. There is also violence, gore, alcohol and tobacco/drug use, sexual content, etc. Please be aware of this and join at your own risk. Otherwise, we hope you have a fun and wonderful time here at Ravaged! When registering, please be sure to register with your character's first and last name for character accounts.
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 RULES, follow em!
 Posted: May 9 2016, 11:44 PM
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the rules welcome to ravaged.
Please read these rules thoroughly and make sure you follow them all to ensure that all of our members have a fun and safe time here! ♥
  1. THIS roleplay is not for the faint of heart, there will be violence, gore, profanity, drug/alcohol use, sexuality, etc. if you are sensitive to that type of thing, this forum is not recommended for you. you have been warned.
  2. PLEASE be respectful to any and all members and guests. treat others how you want to be treated.
  3. WHEN creating a character, CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, each and every character will have their own account. you can link your subaccounts (which will be all your character accounts) in your profile settings.
  4. IF you are going to be absent for awhile, PLEASE let a moderator/admin know and/or post on the farewell board. this makes it easier for us if you happen to miss an activity check due to real life circumstances.
  5. DON'T forget to list any and all face-claims in the face-claims board. that way we won't accidentally have two of the same face-claim. if this should happen, the person who's application was accepted first will be permitted to have the face-claim.
  6. SEXUAL scenes are permitted. Just please be sure to label anything with sexual content as NSFW. Failure to do so will result in your thread being deleted. Threads containing gore and violence among other things do not have to have the NSFW label because this roleplay is going to have a whole lot of that.
  7. NO mary sues/gary sues, aka. no perfect characters.
  8. NO power-playing/god-modding unless a person has stated otherwise that it is okay to do so. This means that you should not control another person's character's actions, emotions, etc. unless said person has stated that you are allowed to do so.
  9. EACH character is permitted to have ONE partner pokemon and ONLY ONE. if you read the plot thread then you should know why.
  10. NO SPAM! Spam is considered advertising anywhere other than the designated board, posting multiples times in a row without good reason, etc.
  11. PLEASE respect that other people have different beliefs and cultures, etc. than you do. please do not bash or flame anybody for being different.

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